On Dictatorship and Democracy

Dictatorship is a bad thing. Democracy is a good thing. Not absolutely, but relatively to dictatorship. In other words, when comparing dictatorship to democracy we must admit that democracy is a better option. I do not intend to contest this fact. Especially, because I experienced both democracy and dictatorship in Romania.

But, pay attention to this. In both situations we have to deal with power and controlling people. The control is brutal and primitive and crude in an authoritarian political regime. The control over people is incredible sophisticated in a democratic regime.

When confronting with a primitive control, humans tend to appreciate their freedom. They think they must fight for their freedom. They can detect very clearly what freedom means and what oppression means. When confronting with a sophisticated form of control, humans are so disoriented. They do not understand the value of their freedom. Their attention is misguided. They do not think about freedom. They do not want to live a free life. They only think about having staff, buying things, working hard and promoting. They forget that their freedom is important. The idea of freedom is polluted with the idea of prosperity.

Think about a clear water. Imagine that you want to prevent people from drinking clear water. You can have two strategies: 1. to stop the clear water (primitive and hard to achieve) or 2. to mix the pure water with dirt (sophisticated).

Photo credit: Mihai Scarlat

In democracy, those who want to control the masses (and this is the gist of power) are using a very sophisticated strategy. Free people are difficult to control. So, they promote the idea of freedom (clear water), but they mix it with other ingredients, like the idea of having more. But to have more means to work more. And that is not enough. You have to borrow more money. And to work harder and harder. To be the best. To achieve your dreams. But in the process, the idea of importance of your freedom is paling.

There is plenty of water. But there is no more clear water. There is so much work to be done, so many things to buy, so many positions to secure. But there is no more free spirit.